What is the difference between SPILL=MIN or SPILL=MAX for SPILLOPT

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have seen that there are two options possible when using DBUTLTY function SPILLOPT. 


What is the difference between SPILL=MIN or SPILL=MAX for the DBUTLTY SPILLOPT function?


Z/os, CA Datacom/AD 14.0 


Specifying SPILLOPT SPILL=MIN indicates that you want all that is spillable, not including the blocks controlling the pipelined index/data blocks. If performing in the normal course of events, it is more efficient to use SPILL=MIN.  

Specifying SPILLOPT SPILL=MAX indicates that you want the spill to contain the maximum number of blocks including pipeline index/data blocks. If performing a spill specifically to recover a job executed improperly, you should use SPILL=MAXin case the job recently finished.

Additional Information: 

In other words:

If the goal of the SPILL is to get a recovery file (RXX) to use for backward recovery, then the 'MAX' is desired.

If the goal of the spill is just to reclaim space for the LXX typically done when the LXX is getting full, then the 'MIN' option would be desired. 


Note: The 'old' SPILL option works the same as the SPILLOPT=MAX.