What is the DCB information for the SYSPRINT DD used by Cleanup for RACF ETCL#RPT utility in the SAMPJCL member DBRPT, in order to write the output to DASD?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The ETCL#RPT is a reporting utility used to report on tracking file entries and optionally generate commands that can be used to perform security file cleanup. The SAMPJCL member DBRPT executes the ETCL#RPT utility to report on the Cleanup database.


The SYSPRINT DD used by the ETCL#RPT utility can be changed to write the SYSPRINT output to DASD using the DCB options RECFM=FBA, LRECL=133, BLKSIZE=1330.

For example the DBRPT JCL can be modified as follows:

//DBASE     DD DISP=SHR,DSN=CAI.ETCL.DB                    
//SYSPRINT  DD DISP=(,CATLG,DELETE),DSN=dbrpt.report.output,
// UNIT=SYSDA,VOL=SER=XXXXXX,SPACE=(xxx,(ppp,ss,dd)),
//SYSOUT    DD DUMMY                                       
//SORTWK01  DD UNIT=3390,SPACE=(CYL,15)                    
//SORTWK02  DD UNIT=3390,SPACE=(CYL,15)     

Details on the ETCL#RPT utility can be found in the Cleanup for RACF Implementation Guide, "Chapter 4: Using eTrust Cleanup", section "Report and Command Generator".