What is the criteria for the Role/Available Users panel

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Default users removed from the Default User Role may not seem to be Available Users in some Group Roles otherwise created. Assign an Available User to a role, you may need that they still be 'available' in case you need to assign them to another role as well. So at what point do they leave that Available User column? How can a user show up as 'available' to one Role and not to another? 
When importing users you should notice an <ownerRoleName> tag. The owning role helps explain for which roles a user might show as 'Available User'. A brand new user that has not been predefined should automatically go in the 'Default User' Role. What is the significance of the ownerRoleName?


What is the criteria for adding and/or maintaining the Role/Available Users in the Administration, Role panel?


1. When a new user is auto defined and put in the Default User Role the user is owned by System Admin 
2. When a new user is defined using the Create option the user is also owned by the highest level Role from the creator's ID- 
for example if my ID only has the OED_ADMIN Role when I define a new user then the user is owned by the OED_ADMIN Role 
3. When Admin groups are defined they are owned by System Admin - their Subgroups are are also owned by them. 
4. When an Auto defined new user is removed from the Default User Role being owned by the System Admin Role they fall into the available groups for any group that is owned directly by the System Admin Role but are not available to any Groups owned by an Admin Group Role - this is true when viewed in the ROLE tab. 
However from the USER tab the sub-Group Roles are available for assignment.