What is the correct method to shut down the CA Common Services for z/OS ENF component?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  There may be occasions when it becomes necessary to stop the ENF task.  What is the proper way to ensure that ENF is shut down successfully? 



What is the proper method to use when shutting down the ENF component?

CAIENF executing in a z/OS environment.

Be aware of these factors when attempting to stop the ENF task: 

  • All commands issued against the ENF task must specify ENF as the task name despite the name of the locally defined proc or task which may be different.
    • To stop the task, the correct command to use is P ENF
    • The command will issue a CAS9227A message prompting a response of "Y"
    • Failure to respond with a "Y" causes ENF to continue normal processing
  • Stop any CA products that rely on ENF services Before issuing the command
    • Products that rely on these services may not function correctly until ENF is restarted


Additional Information:

Information on general ENF Operation and the specifics of shutting down ENF is found in the CA Common Services r14.1 Documentation wiki

See the CA Common Services r14.1 Messages for information on the CAS9227A and other related messages