What is the CA ROSCOE Eligible Program List (EPL) and How do I Update it?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is the CA ROSCOE Eligible Program List (EPL) and How do I Update it?


The EPL allows you to define what programs can run under ETSO and the resources that they can use. The EPL is stored in Roscoe member RO.ETSOPGMS and can be updated just as any other Roscoe member is updated, except that special authority is required.


You can control:

  • The applications that can be executed.

  • The CPU and storage resources used by the application.

  • The number of people who can execute an application simultaneously.

These are the steps to update the ETSOPGMS member:

  • Sign onto the RO prefix (or have update access to the RO prefix).

  • Fetch & attach RO.ETSOPGMS.

  • Copy an entry to the correct line in the EPL or make changes to an existing entry.

    NOTE: When adding applications to this list, make sure that the list is arranged in ascending alphabetic order by program entry point name. (Program names beginning with a special character must be in EBCDIC order and be placed at the beginning of the list.)

  • Enter SET PRIV ON.

  • Enter U RO.ETSOPGMS (or U * if you are signed onto the RO prefix.).

  • If you do not find the EPL in RO.ETSOPGMS, check the CA-Roscoe initialization parameter ETSOPGMS which must be used to identify the prefix and name of the alternate library member containing the EPL.

Additional Information:

See the CA Roscoe Environment System Reference Guide, section 14.3.2 Defining Programs in the EPL, for syntax and parameter settings.