What is the best strategy to apply the required maintenance to Common Services for z/OS r14.1 for compatibility with z/OS 2.3?

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Last Modified Date : 23/12/2018
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  • An upgrade to z/OS 2.3 involves applying maintenance to multiple components of Common Services for z/OS r14.1. 
    • Earlier z/OS releases only involved one component, SERVCS FMID CEI0E10
    •  z/OS 2.3 requires maintenance to SERVCS and CAIRIM FMID CAS9E10
  • Maintenance can possibly require up to 19 fixes across different components if currently running z/OS release 2.1 or below
  • Intent of this article is to provide instructions to accomplish the upgrade most easily
What is the easiest path to follow to upgrade Common Services r14.1 for compatibility with z/OS 2.3 if currently executing in a z/OS 2.1 or earlier environment? 
Common Services r14.1 executing in a z/OS 2.3 environment
  • Support.ca.com provides Compatibility and Lifecyle information for CA Mainframe products
    • Includes necessary maintenance for compatibility with different software and selected hardware
  • z/OS releases prior to z/OS 2.3 required maintenance to one component/FMID
  • For z/OS 2.3, Common Services r14.1 requires the following maintenance be applied to two components/FMIDs
      • Necessary maintenance for this component includes
        • RO93293
        • RO94935
        • RO95015
      • Necessary maintenance for this component includes
        • RO94936
  • Each of these fixes requires one or more prerequisites and/or corequisites
    • RO93293
      • RO85313 is a prerequisite
    • RO94935
      • RO78799 is a prerequisite
      • RO93293 is a prerequisite
      • RO94936 is a corequisite
    • RO94936
      • RO73190 is a prerequisite
      • RO94935 is a corequisite
    • RO95015
      • RO93293 is a prerequisite
    • Due to corequisite dependencies, RO94935 and RO94936 must be applied together
    • Key to entire set of maintenance above is RO85313 as a prerequisite to RO93293
      • Due to corequisite dependencies, RO85313, RO85314, and RO85315 must be applied together
        • Each has one or more prerequisites
        • Corequisites of each other
        • RO85313
          • RO67918 is a prerequisite
          • R085314 is a corequisite
          • RO85315 is a corequisite
      • ENF FMID CAW1E10
        • RO85314
          • RO75087 is a prerequisite
          • RO85313 is a corequisite
          • RO85315 is a corequisite
        • RO85315
        • combination of 9 prerequisites
          • various prerequisites themselves have prerequsites
        • best to apply them individually
        • apply in this order
          • RO60196
          • RO65568 - RO60196 is a prerequisite
          • RO65223 - RO65668 is a prerequisite
          • RO71715 - RO65668 is a prerequisite
          • RO74389 - RO65668 is a prerequisite
          • RO77749
          • RO79932 - RO77749 is a prerequisite
          • RO80854 - RO74389 is a prerequisite
          • RO82883 - RO74389 is a prerequisite
      • Once completed, apply necessary maintenance for z/OS 2.3 as instructed above
    Additional Information:
    Reference the mainframe compatibility matrix available on support.ca.com