What is new for CA Ideal r15?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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- New FMIDs

CA Ideal r15 has 4 new FMIDS:

CAILF00  - CA Ideal for Base


CAI4F00 - CA-Ideal for CA Datacom

CAF4F00 - CA Ideal Option for VSAM


CAIOF00 - CA Ideal Option for DB2


- New Entity

There are also some new Features in CA Ideal r15:

A new CA Ideal entity called DOCUMENT allows XML documents to be produced as easily as CA Ideal REPORT entities.

Documents are declaratively defined, and then filled by a simple PRODUCE verb, rather than elaborate construction logic being required to build the structure and markup of the result. This should result in higher efficiency, eliminating a lot of string manipulation from the application logic.  You can use Documents online, to provide responses to Web Services request or in batch, to produce static content (XML or HTML) that is loaded into a web server later. 

Refer to the new manual CA Ideal For CA Datacom r15 Generating Documents for more details.  


- New Parse command

Also new to CA Ideal r15 is the PARSE verb which allows a string to be broken into separate fields according to various rules. The string can be broken positionally or by name.    

Refer to the CA Ideal for CA Datacom r15 Programming Guide for more details.


For all additional information regarding CA Ideal r15 and its features, see the CA Ideal for CA Datacom Release Notes.