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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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On the Primary MDB, there is program named “CA ITAM”, from xxxx-xxxxx server and using “sb” user running a procedure “dbo.AL_CMDB_AUDIT_SHARE”; every few minutes (5 to 10) and running this procedure very long and it is an INSERT transaction mostly.


Do we know what dbo.AL_CMDB_AUDIT_SHARE is and why it's running all the time? 


This is either On/Off - True/False option within the Administration tab ->Event Service, Show Advanced options:  *Is CMDB Audit Share Required:


The indicator that enables audit sharing with the CMDB. 
The CMDB common database tables can be used by multiple applications.


For example, the ca_contact table is used by CA APM, CA Service Catalog, and CA Service Desk Manager when they are integrated. An audit table maintains the changes that are made to these common tables. 
When there is a change to any of the CMDB objects in CA APM and this value is set to true, the 
change audit is posted to the CMDB audit table.