What is CTSSYNC used for?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When and why should I run the program called CTSSYNC?


CA 1 rel 12.6 and 14.0



CTSSYNC can be used to update the volumes in OAM to match the status of the same volume in the TMC. You should not have to run this on a daily basis.

If you have installed the CBR exits from CA 1 so that the ROBTY field is filled in as you define/enter the volumes into the ATL/VTS device and you have set the ROBSCR option in TMOOPTxx to YES, and set the option of WRKFLS to NO then CA-1 should be keeping the robot in sync with the TMC without running the CTSSYNC program.

Some clients do not want to set WRKFLS to NO so they are required to occasionally run CTSSYNC. The WRKFLS option controls the retention on temporary data sets. With it set to YES the tape is never taken out of scratch status in the TMC but it is marked as private in the robot. With it set to NO the tape is given one day retention and is then scratched by TMSCLEAN the next day. TMSCLEAN will notify the robot that the tape is now scratched.

CTSSYNC can also be used to eject, export, or import tapes from an IBM robot.