What is causing error ICPSMSGS06E with online IPCV 14.0 transaction Option 4 (DIS OUT DEST)?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After apply the CA IPC 14.0 Aggregate Maintenance RO65552 PTFs, the online transaction IPCV gives error message ICPSMSGS06E when attempt to use from the IPCV transaction menu option and then PF8 to page down:

     Option 4 -  (DIS OUT DEST)

After PF8 to page down, this error message displays:

   ICPSMSGS06E - Unable to interpret command starting at "OUTP"



The reason for the different behavior in IPCV is due to IPC 14.0 PTF RO56349 which made some internal buffer changes for DDOL. 

PTF RO56349 was included on the IPC 14.0 Aggregate maintenance RO65552, which explains the IPCV difference.

Note:  Plans for future changes to IPCV are to limit the IPCV verification transaction to only display a simple panel without allowing any other input.

CA IPC is not a stand alone product, but is a collection of components used by DDOL and IDEAL.

IDEAL command D OUT DEST should be used instead. 


From the CA IPC Message Guide:


Unable to interpret command starting at "xxx"


You issued a command that violates command syntax. The command is invalid because of a misspelling, an unspecified option, or operands incorrectly ordered. The error begins or occurs at the specified xxx.


Review the command syntax. Make sure that all necessary options are specified in correct order and that each word is spelled correctly, then reissue the command.