What is "Abandoning write on Web_connection 0x05FC0D08 due to socket error (WSAECONNRESET (10054))"?

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Last Modified Date : 04/12/2018
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What does thisĀ error in the Service Desk\logs\stdlog.* files mean?

ERROR session.c 3034 Abandoning write on Web_connection 0x05FC0D08 due to socket error (WSAECONNRESET (10054))
CA Service Desk 17.1
CA Service Desk 17.0
CA Service Desk 14.1
The "10054" error usually indicates a user closed or terminated their Web Browser while a page was loading.

Generally speaking, this is not a reason for concern. If these errors come up frequently, this may be an indication that users are seeing poor performance in Service Desk.They may be losing their browsers and not waiting for pages to load if they are taking too long. In this case, confirm, diagnose and resolve the performance problems in Service Desk. See the documents under Additional Information.
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