What happens with a support ticket when the support engineer is unable to progress case towards resolution?

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Last Modified Date : 05/10/2018
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What happens with a support ticket when the support engineer is unable to progress case towards resolution?
A support case is closed when the customer and the CA support engineer agree that a resolution has been reached or:

1. When the customer requests to close the support ticket and CA Support does not have additional information regarding the resolution:
If the customer requests a ticket to be closed and does not provide any additional information on the steps taken for the resolution, CA Support will proceed with the case closure process.
2. When the customer becomes unresponsive:
When CA Support is not able to get hold of the customer, it becomes nearly impossible to move the issue forward.
In this case, CA Support closes the issue after we try to contact the customer three times.
Severity 1 issues will be downgraded to a lower Severity, based on a previous agreement with the customer or the lack of customer response, prior to trying to contact customer 3 times.
What the customer should do if a  support case was closed after 3 attempts of contact:
We recognize that the customer may want to continue to work on the issue at some future date and we assure you that CA Support will be happy to open a new support case at any point in the future. We maintain records of all of the information collected to date on the support ticket so that we can resume work at customer's convenience.
NOTE: After a period of time, the attachments to a case are removed.
3. When the environment is not available, or customer is working on some higher priority tickets and not available to work on the support case:
When the customer's resources required to progress the support ticket are not available, CA support will request the case closure.
Examples: customer is not available, in short term, to work with CA Support or the environment is not available.
The case history will be available for reference even after closure.
If the issue occurs again and the required resources are available to work on it in the future, please open a new support case when ready.