What happens if I omit any CTABGEN macro DCMT command security parameter setting? Is security off or on for that DCMT Command?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The #CTABGEN macro is used to assign and secure DCMT activity numbers for each DMCT command. It is then assembled into program IDMSCTAB and enables you to apply a DMCT security label with an activity number to certain DMCT commands. For example, DCMT SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE would be assigned the 7 character command code of N001001 and in this example, a DMCT activity number of 9:


  #CTABGEN(9),                X



If this DCMT command was not assigned an activity number, it would default to zero. Zero means no security. Only commands that are secured need to be coded. If omitted, they default to zero.


TEC465150 How to secure Application Responses in an IDMS central version. 

TEC607477 How to manage CTABGEN, UTABGEN when upgrading to R18.0/R18.5.


IDMS Security Administration Guide, Chapter 11 Syntax for Assembler Macros.