What fixes are included in APM 10.5.2 ServicePack #1?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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   CA has released multiple hot fixes on top of APM 10.5.2 to resolve various issues. A summary list (under “Additional Information”) is included below with defect numbers to help Support provide more details to customers if needed. Please review first this list to see if it applies to your particular issue.

Important Note: APM 10.5.2 ServicePack is an upgrade script ONLY, not a full build. You must be at 10.5.2 first before applying the hot fix.  This does not apply to the agent files which are downloaded separately.


SAML Webstart users, do review the following TEC DOC.   TEC1317533


What fixes are included in APM 10.5.2 ServicePack #1?

APM 10.5.2
DE305795 - Installer Uses sudo Instead of su for Postgres Major Version UpgradeDE305669 - Heap Dump Shows Wily Web Services Classes as Leaking SuspectDE305667 - GC Utilization Percentage Metrics Calculations Not ReliableDE305663 - JMX Rate Counter Missing in AgentDE305319 - 10.5.1 HF20 Collectors DisconnectingDE304189 - Alerts Triggered IncorrectlyDE304188 - Error encountered in dbtc evaluation: nullDE304186 - Enterprise Manager Fails to Start and "SuperDomain/EDIX" Does Not Exist When a Custom Domain is Deleted.DE304185 - Negative Values For Metrics Tomcat|DBCP|Connection Pool : Connection In UseDE303609 - 10.5.1 HF9 Vulnerability ScanDE303177 - Non-Admin User Permission Issues When clicking on HOME tab in WebViewDE302952 - Object Doesn't Support Property or Method 'find' Exception in Internet Explorer on MapDE302484 - Alerts Created by the User and Listed Under Active Alerts are Redirected IncorrectlyDE302229 - Alert Status Not Propagated Between Vertex GroupsDE301286 - Hotfix#20 Removes Business Transactions and Application Components in WebviewDE301207 - The Login Window is Displayed or NotDE300446 - introscope.enterprisemanager.baseline.max.metrics.baselined Property Value Not Retained in IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.properties FileDE298947 - APM 10.5.1 HF 20 Hotfix Request for DE273881DE294218 - APM 10.5.1 HF 9 WebView Home Page Graph IssueDE292789 - DBTCAnalyst Throws Error In Log When no Agent Name Found in AttributeDE291701 - WebSphere MQ and Message Broker Show Wrong Queue DepthDE291527 - Non-Admin User Permission Issues When clicking on HOME tab in WebViewDE289774 - Some Agents Not Appearing in APM Team CenterDE288486 - Error: "20 Apr 2017 11:15" Is An Invalid Value for "closedate"DE287625 - Introscope Agent Metric Clamp Not Cleared AutomaticallyDE287308 - Permission Error When Attempting to Make a Perspective Default When Created by Another Admin AccountDE286529 - No Link Back From the Analysis Notebook to the Last Card ViewedDE286528 - "Long Running Script" Error MessagesDE280989 - Long Time to Log In After Upgrade to APM 10.5.1DE280699 - APM Not Reporting All Statistics for Message BrokerDE275824 - MQ Monitor: "Reason code 2235 MQRC_CFH_ERROR"DE270033 - Incorrect Error Message Is Displayed for Lack of Disk Space in Console Mode for DB-Only UpgradeDE263800 - APM SSO Using EEM and SiteMinder Not Working
Additional Information:

Official ReadMe - https://docops.ca.com/ca-apm/10-5/en/files/417299395/417299392/1/1501867901511/APM_10.5.2_SP1_readme.txt

README.txtAPM 10.5.2 SP1[Deployment Instructions]IMPORTANT NOTES:***************1. This service pack is for both agent and server side patches.2. If you have any pre-10.5.2 version installed you cannot use this script, use   the 10.5.2 product installer to upgrade.3. If you have 10.5.2 GA version ( or higher installed , you have 2 options:   a) Use the product installer to upgrade      Remember, any customization done earlier needs to be manually merged       after the installation. Depending of your implementation this can be       a complex process with many steps.   b) (Recommended) Use this script to apply "10.5.2 SP1"       Please note that APM10.5.2.22XHF.jar is not intended to perform       an upgrade of the complete product, it only replaces the affected       jars. The rest of the product files remain intact at the original release number.      This process is simple and should take a few minutes only.4. To install the patches on the Agent, please download and use the corresponding 10.5.2 SP1 Agent bundles.5. For the list of fixes in this Hotfix, refer to the below [Fixed Issues]    section HOW TO RUN THE HOTFIX SCRIPT:****************************1. This hotfix script (APM10.5.2.22XHF.jar) updates the following product components: Enterprise Manager, WebView,    Workstation  2. Stop:   -Enterprise Manager (MOM/collector)   -Webview   -Workstation       NOTE: individual components that are installed together can be also patched    in one go, for example, EM, Webview and APMSQLSERVER3. Copy APM10.5.2.22XHF.jar  to the HOME directory of the product components you would like to apply the hotfix. 
For example, if WebView is installed separately, run the hotfix script from that WebView HOME directory.4. Execute If windows: jre\bin\java -jar APM10.5.2.22XHF.jar If unix: jre/bin/java -jar APM10.5.2.22XHF.jar NOTE: Make sure to run the script using the appropriate user credentials. 5. Verify the results: >> Hotfix 10.5.2-HF5 was applied successfully. (Note: 10.5.2-HF5 is equivalent to 10.5.2 SP1) If the HF script fails for some reason with the below message, the script will automatically rollback
the changes. Open a support case and attach the hotfix.log file. >> Hotfix 10.5.2-HF5 was rolled back successfully 6. Start: Enterprise Manager (MOM/collector) Webview Workstation HOW TO UNINSTALL THE HOTFIX:***************************The script doesn't provide with an option to automatically uninstall the HOTFIX.If for some reason, you need to uninstall it, you should proceed as below:1. Stop: -Enterprise Manager (MOM/collector) -Webview -Workstation2. The original files are available under "hotfix/10.5.2-HF5" folder. All the files are organized accordingly to the product directory structure. Copy the files manually to the original location. NOTE: Make sure to use the appropriate user credentials.3. Start: Enterprise Manager (MOM/collector) Webview Workstation