What does "WARN: LDAP: DN component missing '=':" mean in my warn log?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When an LDAP application sends a search to the Directory specifying a base DN which is missing a "=" in the DN, you will see the following warning in the WARN log of the DSA.

WARN: LDAP: DN component missing '=':"


If you execute the following LDAP search
% dxsearch -h localhost -p 19389 -b "garbage,o=democorp,c=au" -s sub "(sn=LINK)"

The following will be logged in the WARN log of the DSA

20090227.073930.703 WARN : LDAP: DN component missing '=': garbage,o=democorp,c=au

A LDAP Distinguished Name (DN) is always in the following format

attr=value, attr=value, ......