What does the ?Use Connection Pool? option do on the SQL Database Execution (JDBC) Step in DevTest?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What does the ‘Use Connection Pool’ option do on the SQL Database Execution (JDBC) Step?



All supported DevTest environments.



When the 'Use Connection Pool' checkbox is checked,  the Simulator that is executing the step will check for the existence of a connection pool based on the following 4 items:  

Class Driver

JDBC Connect String



If a connection pool is not available, it will create a new connection pool using the same four items that were defined in the step. The use of a connection allows more efficient use of the database resources.


Additional Information:

When using this option, please request that your DBA verify the number of connections that you are permitted to have to the database.  You may need to have a higher number so as to allow the Simulators to create more connections to support connection pooling.

Please also check with your end users who are writing the tests to make sure they are using a generic SQL account in order to make better use of the connection pool. If users are using their own accounts for the JDBC step and not a generic account, then the connection count for the database will be increased, and will result in additional resource being allocated by the database in order  to support the execution of your tests. Your DBA should also be able to help you identify if this is the case.