What does the "slump died" message seen in the Service Desk Manager standard log file imply?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When the message "slump died" is reported by a Service Desk process on a secondary SDM server, it will terminate itself and try to restart and reconnect to the slump process located on the primary SDM server. This is normal behavior.

There are a few possible reasons on why such message and event is seen:

  1. The slump process on the primary server may be extremely busy shown as a prolong CPU spike.

    As such, Slump is taking a long time to respond to processes connected to it on a Service Desk secondary server.

  2. The slump process on the primary server actually terminated\crashed and is no longer running.

  3. The tcp socket connection between the processes on the SDM secondary and Slump is lost caused by a network outage or hiccup.


In most cases, the problem reported by our customers has been as a result of point 3. A Wireshark trace from both servers taken leading to and during the event is the course of action to trouble shoot further.

The Slump process is "sslump_nxd" seen in Windows Task Manager or in Unix "ps" output.