What does the simple report option "Business Data only" really mean?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This doc is a brief explanation of what the simple report wizard means by the option "Business Data Only" and what constitutes this type of data.


What does the simple report option "Business Data only" really mean?



If you run a simple report using the wizard you will notice that there is a report option called "Business Data Only". Some people have expressed interest in knowing more about what this really means:


Basically what Business Data Only means is that the report is only going to show your Business results, or more specifically, business agreement results for your period. So if you have an SLA metric which is calculating a service level for the month (That SLA being a Business agreement for a particular service level) then you would only get data in the report if you had an SLA for the month.

An example of data which would NOT be Business Data would be all of the granular data calculated by the PSL writer leading up to the SLA result as well as the actual events.

What can sometimes be confusing is that if you run a report for Business Data Only and tunnel down into that simple report, you CAN still tunnel down to the granular data for the week or days, provided of course that your metric supports this. However, if you click on the edit filter option you will see that drilling down on a business data only report automatically unselects the business data only check box, since you are no longer looking at business data only.

We hope this helps to clarify this option.