What does the + sign mean in the Transaction field on the Flashback screen?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Flashback TRANID that has a "+" sign after it, followed by the same transaction showing

same task number.  What does the "+" sign indicates ?        

CICS41 16:01:50 ABCD+ 01559 csd LPRP013 1.461 1.788
CICS41 16:01:50 +ABCD 01559 csd LPRP013 1.461 1.788


The record size that Explore/CICS stores performance information in is 4K, 

and some transactions require more than one performance record to store the

data in. These transactions will show TRANID with a '+' sign before/after. 

The "+" sign indicates a CONTINUATION of the Performance record.           

Additional Information:

You can run the supplied canned report :   CICS.PERFORMANCE.RECORD.ANALYSIS.STAT                                   

It will show what information is being collected, and if you add the option OPTION(RECSTAT=YES) to any report,                                                                              it will give statistics about the performance, accounting, and threshold records including average length.

        Please see page 5-29 of the History Reporting Guide for more information https://support.ca.com/cadocs/0/k011021e.pdf