What does the red icon mean, which shows up in Database Datafile Status?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Datafiles, physical structures that store data in the CA eHealth database, automatically grow as needed until they reach 32 GB or until the disk does not have enough free space. A tablespace is a logical storage unit that can contain datafiles within an Oracle database. 

To verify that your database can accommodate all of the datafiles and tablespaces that support your CA eHealth system, you can periodically check the database status by using OneClickEH.


What does the red siren mean?

Does the red icon mean the disk can get full if the datafiles grows? 

Datafile_red icon.png


eHealth 6.3,6.3.1,6.3.2


The maximum size of a datafile is 32GB. The red siren pops up when a datafile is at or close to reaching its maximum size.

If another datafile has already been created with room to grow there's nothing to worry about. 

If it hasn't, you will need to add a new datafile with nhManageDbSpace.