What does the method "addOrRemoveProvisioningRole" do from CA Identity Manager Java SDK r12?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The parameter ProvisioningRoleActionType from the method "addOrRemoveProvisioningRole" does not specify what parameters it can take from the CA Identity Manager SDK documentation. What types would this method be able to parse?


The "addOrRemoveProvisioning Role method takes in these parameters (java.util.Vector roles, ProvisioningRoleActionType action, User user, boolean addAccounts, java.lang.String opID)

The "action" parameter is noted from our source code from the SDK and the following use is listed below:

ProvisioningRoleActionType takes in two different types which are "ADD" or REMOVE". If required, you can created your own objects by using this portion of code:

new ProvisioningRoleActionType(1,"ADD");


new ProvisioningRoleActionType(2,"REMOVE");