What does the message "VSE Server has already been registered" mean?

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Last Modified Date : 04/05/2018
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I am having issues with the VSE service and when looking at the Registry log files I see the exception "VSE Server has already been registered".
What does it mean?
All supported DevTest releases.
We can have several VSE services connected to the same Registry service, however, the VSE names need to be different.
Details on how to configure multiple VSE services can be found in the article below:
How to configure Multiple VSE Services with remote registry? - https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/How-to-configure-Multiple-VSE-Services-with-remote-registry/KB000036820

If you start facing the message "VSE Server has already been registered" in the Registry log file, it can be that a second VSE service is being started with the same name - VSE.

If you are not configuring multiple VSE services to one Registry and is facing this exception, it can be that the VSE process is still running on the server and a second process is being started.
Usually, it happens when the VSE crashes and is not visible in the Portal.
In a Linux environment, please execute the following command to verify if a VSE process is still running:
# ps -ef | grep -i virtualService
If a VSE process is returned, try to stop using the VirtualServiceEnvironmentService command under $DEVTEST_HOME/bin folder.
# ./VirtualServiceEnvironmentService stop
Verify if the VSE process stopped:
# ps -ef | grep -i virtualService
If the process is still running, get the VSE process ID (PID) and execute the command below:
# kill -9 <VSE_PID>
The VSE process should not be running after this and you should be able to start a new VSE process.