What does the message "Queueing stale model ..... for destruction" mean?

Document ID : KB000015283
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the Spectrum Control Panel of our secondary SpectroSERVER, we see the following message;

"Jul 20 07:32:41 : Queueing stale model 0x14a473 of name " of type 'RTM_TestHost' for destruction.

What causes this and why do we not see it on the primary?




When models are deleted, they do not get removed from the SSDB straight away, but instead get marked as "queued for destruction".  Once we restart the SpectroSERVER, they then get removed.  As this is the secondary, the model was deleted from the primary, an online backup run which got transferreded to the secondary and on startup, it alerts to these stale models. 

These alerts ca be hidden as follows: 


Additional Information:


The VNM.OUT in the Spectrum control panel showing: Queueing stale model of name of type RTM_TestHost for destruction