What does the message DC205031 mean?

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Last Modified Date : 23/02/2018
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My CA-IDMS Central Version is issuing the following message on the joblog. What does it mean?
IDMS DC205031 V26 T1 Warning – 2804 area entries in journal header nearing max of 2952.
The number of database areas for which information must be stored in the system journal header records of this CV is now within 10% of the maximum number that the journals can possibly hold in their current state.
The DC205031 message is issued as a warning. It means that the current configuration of the system journals can hold the information for a maximum of 2952 database areas, and that currently, 2804 are being used.
If no action is taken, over time as more database areas are added to the CV, DC200050 error messages may be encountered at startup.

CA-IDMS r17.0 or higher running on any supported z/OS level. This cannot happen on prior releases because the functionality was first introduced at r17.0.

Re-format the system journals with a MAX AREA parameter equal to at least one more than the second amount in the message – 2953 in the above example.
Sample syntax:-
Additional Information:

CA-IDMS stores database area status information in its system journal files, in what are known as journal header records. By default, there are three such records in each system journal.
In a large CV with many database areas, this may not be enough.
The MAX AREA parameter on the FORMAT JOURNAL statement will cause the FORMAT utility to generate enough JHDA records in the system journals to allow them to hold the information for the specified number of database areas.
Ultimately, the journals will be able to hold more area entries than what is specified in the MAX AREA parameter because it will allocate the number of JHDAs necessary, and then the CV will actually use all of the space in the JHDAs.
For example, if the journal block size is 2004, then each JHDA can hold (2004 – 32) / 8 = 246 area entries.
If MAX AREA = 2953 is specified, 13 JHDAs will be needed to hold that many, but they will actually be able to hold 13 * 246 = 3198 area entries.
By taking the “max of” amount in the DC205031 message, adding one, and using that for the MAX AREA parameter, you are adding one more JHDA block to the journals.

See also:
https://docops.ca.com/ca-idms-ref/19/en/utilities/utility-statements/format#FORMAT-Usage (scroll down to "When to use MAX AREA").