What does the IECTMS3 not scratch (28) message mean?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What does the IECTMS3 not scratch 28 message mean and how do I correct it?


All releases of CA 1.


CA-1 will issue this message when a scratch tape is mounted and we check the DSN that is currently on the tape to what is in the TMC and they do not match. Normally this is caused by using a CA-1 controlled tape as a scratch tape and using the EXPDT=98000 (foreign tape), or by using the tape while CA-1 is not active.

To correct this we recommend that you do a tapemap of the volser to verify if you need to keep the data or if it can be discarded.  You can use the CTS tapemap function to print out the header of the tape.  If you do not need the data, then update the TMC via TMSUPDTE to set the DSN and DSN17 to HEXZEROS.

TMSUPDTE control statements: