What does the * (asterisk) in dlogmode mean in Configuration - Review Terminals

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It means that the Dlogname that terminal presented on BIND to Teleview will be used.

When VTAM does not present Dlogmod in the BIND image, the Name of table entry with closest match to protocol of BIND image is used.
-- Review Terminals ------- CA-TELEVIEW Configuration -------------------------
 Luname   Numb  Regid Applid    Lct Sluname  AL I Hold Tag  Modetab  Dlogmod
 -------- ----- ----- --------- --- -------- -- - ---- ---- -------- --------
 DUMMY$$$ 00738  000  TELEVIEW  1   POOL02   N  Y PA2  NONE ISTINCLM *
 DUMMY$$$ 00738  000  TELEVIEW  1   POOL22   N  Y PA2  NONE ISTINCLM *
 GENERIC  00742  000  LOGON     1   POOL&M   N  N           *        *
<Dlogmod> = The name of the modeentry within Modetab that should be used when CA-TELEVIEW establishes a session with VTAM Applid.

<Modetab> = The name of the modetab that the alias LUNAME should use to establish a session with this applid. If a pool is used, then the Modetab specified in the definition of the pool overrides this Modetab.