What does the AFM's LocalUser() keyword mean?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ESPMgr command execution put an AFM with the LocalUser() keyword in the Agent and the server logs. What does this keyword mean?


When ESPMgr utility was executed from the operating system command line and not through the dSeries job submission, you would find the LocalUser(<username>) keyword in related AFM (automated framework message) written in the Agent and the server log files, for instance:

20100108 18420500-0000 CAWA_DSEPP AGENT VERIFY~~/VERIFY_0801.8/MAIN ACTION RELEASE LocalUser(dsepp) User(AGENT) Host(p590p5)

The value shown as a parameter of this keyword is the operating system user account which executed the ESPMgr command. In the example above, the 'dsepp' was the Linux user account which executed a dSeries job with the ESPMgr RELEASE action.

It is important to note that the same user account must be defined at the dSeries side (using the Desktop Client/Admin perspective/Security option) otherwise the ESPMgr action will fail; for the example above the 'dsepp' must also be a dSeries user defined with the appropriate privileges.