What does "INDEX ONLY" in the Remarks Field of the SARPAC report mean?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What does "INDEX ONLY" refer to, in the Remarks Field of the SARPAC report?


When the Remarks field contains "INDEX ONLY", that means that all sysouts on the tape have expired.

The only items remaining on the tape are one or more copies of the backup of the View Master index. Note: SARPAC does not copy the Master index to a new tape.

The SARINIT NGENI initialization parameter controls the number of generations of the Master index that View keeps for restoration purposes.

The backup evaluates the NGENI parameter and expires any tape when the copies of the Master index it contains are no longer needed.

Normally, 3-5 is a good number of copies of the Master index to keep. Note: If you change the parameter with SARINIT, a recycle of the View SARSTC task is needed.