What does CA Datacom message "DB00319I - LXX DYNAMIC EXTEND - DELAY NEXT, CDCL NOT SET" mean?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What does CA Datacom message "DB00319I - LXX DYNAMIC EXTEND - DELAY NEXT, CDCL NOT SET" mean? 

The "DELAY NEXT, CDCL NOT SET" variation of the "DB00319I" message had not yet been documented in the CA Datacom® Messages guide.


The CA Datacom® Messages guide has been updated to include the missing DB00319I definition as follows:



This message occurs if the LXX was successfully extended with extra space and new log records caused the LXX to be at its wrap point. However, currently this log is a Source for CDC and the CDC Listener (CDCL) has not acknowledged it is aware of the extend. Also that it has not done needed preparation to allow new log records into the expanded space. The extend cannot be completed successfully at this time. It is checked at the next and all succeeding wrap points. 


None. The message is informational only. The extend completion is checked again at the next wrap point. 

Additional Information:

The "DELAY NEXT, CDCL NOT SET" documents that this log area is a source CDC log and the CDC Listener CDCL has not yet handled the extend. This source MUF will use CDCM to communicate to the Target MUF of the extend. At the target, CDCL will see from CDCM that the extend happened. CDCL will get to a synchronous point where it can close the LXX and open it as larger; it will then prepare to allow the source MUF to use the new space. It provides that it is prepared back to CDCM that will let the source MUF know. When the source MUF log area next gets to the wrap point it will not have this block.

The CA Datacom® Messages guide complete message DB00319I can be found at