What do I do if in 'All Computers' listing the Remote Control Agent status is set to 'Not Installed' ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Many times users use images to install machines and the images include our agent. There are specific Remote Control configurations that are machine sensitive and this can cause the Remote Control plugin to appear Not Installed.


What do I do if in 'All Computers' listing the Remote Control Agent  status is  set to 'Not Installed' ?

CA Client Automation - All Versions

Remote Control sessions to several computers fails with the following error:

Your username and password were valid but you were not recognized by the Remote Control Management Server as a registered user of this host.

Ensure that the user name that you are trying to connect as has been granted permission on the management server.


* The instant diagnostics shows that the RC plugin is running on the agent computer.

* Right clicking on the affected computer, when accessing the 'Remote Control' submenu, the options 'Effective Settings...' and 'Connection Addresses...' are grayed out. 

* In 'All Computers' listing the RC status is 'Not Installed'



The most likely cause for the error to occur is a corruption in the computer comstore.

To correct this, please run the following commands on the problem agent:


caf stop rchost

ccnfcmda -cmd DeleteParameter -ps itrm/rc/host/managed -pn convertedhostuid

ccnfcmda -cmd DeleteParameter -ps itrm/cfencrypt -pn LOCALID

ccnfcmda -cmd DeleteParamSection -ps itrm/rc/security/providers/winnt/users

caf start rchost

caf register all


Wait for the Engine to complete the Collect job on the Scalability Server the agent reports to.


Verify the RC Status, the grayed out menu entries and try to establish a remote control session on the computer. 

If the problem persists, please open an issue with CA-Technologies support.