What do I do if I get this error message:DC900431 V1 Data Base Error, Module CADSRLSE with an IDMS error code of 1211?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What do I do if I get this error message:  

DC900431 V1 Data Base Error, Module CADSRLSE  and 

DC900432 V1 Error Status - 1211


The 1211 means that the Status area is full. When the module CADSRLSE releases a bundle it tries to write a status record to the database that the bundle was queued to JES.


The quickest way is to initialize the Status area. If you want to keep a record of what status records are in the database then , while Dispatch is up, run the DSEXCULP job with member DSCULP06 selected. This will give you a hardcopy of all the status records for a history.

Then bring CA Dispatch down cleanly and run the utility DSEXSFIX. This initializes the status area.

You can then bring CA Dispatch back up.



Additional Information:

The Status file is maintained by the batch job DSEXPSST (run with Dispatch up) or DSEXPURG (run with Dispatch down). 

If you are not running one of the batch maintenance jobs, you need to have one setup and run on a regular basis.

If you are running one of the jobs and the file still filled up then validate the parm member for the job and check the values specified. For DSEXPURG the member name is DSPURG in CADSOPTN, for DSEXPSST the member name is DSPSST, also in CADSOPTN. 


If you set the parm member to use from and to dates, you can set the TO date in the DSPURG/DSPSST control member to  12/31/59 which will cover you until 2060. This will prevent the status file from filling up again and the problem from re-occurring.