What do I do if Discovered Software on the Domain Manager is not Present on the Enterprise Server ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There is Discovered Software on the Domain Manager that is not on the Enterprise 



CA Client Automation - All Versions



  • Software is missing in DSM Explorer under Agent -> Software -> Discovered Software  
  • Upload Replication Tasks has status of ERROR
  • During Replication you see the following errors:  
Upload - Replication Job Done. Warning: though the job was completed, an error occurred:  
A database constraint violation error occurred for table:  ca_discovered_software.
Please examine the log file for more detail The INSERT statement conflicted with the
FOREIGN KEY constraint "$ca_di_r000002c700000000". The conflict occurred
in database "mdb", table "dbo.ca_asset_source", column 'asset_source_uuid'.,
Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0, (null)



1.   Make sure the Upload Replication Task is running on the Domain Manager,

      it should be scheduled to run all day long.  

2.   Heuristic Software does not replicate by default, so replicate Heuristic Software,

      look at the following Techdoc TEC1132492.

3.   Replication can miss replicating a ca_discovered_software record, so by resetting
      replication for the ca_discovered_it will force all records to be replicated .

To Reset the replication status for the ca_discovered_software table run the following SQL Query:

     use mdb
       update ca_replication_status set modified_status=0x0 where 
       replication_conf_uuid in ( select replication_conf_uuid from ca_replication_conf
       where direction != -1  and table_name = 'ca_discovered_software')
4.  There is Software on the Domain Manager that is not link to any hardware,
     so when you try to replicate it, it fails since there is no agent on the Enterprise to link it to.

     The following  SQL Query will list the software that is not attached to any agent:

 use mdb           
   select * from ca_discovered_software 
   where asset_source_uuid not in (select dis_hw_uuid  from ca_discovered_hardware)

     This SQL Query below will delete those entries:

use mdb            
  delete ca_discovered_software 
  where asset_source_uuid not in (select dis_hw_uuid  from ca_discovered_hardware)

 5. There are more signatures on the Domain Manager than on the Enterprise.

 This can be checked by running the following 3 SQL Queries and how to resolve if there are more signatures at the Domain Manager then at the Enterprise:

A.  CA Provided    select count(*) from ca_software_def where source_type_id = 1  

 Check to make sure that contentdownload is running correctly at the Enterprise  

B.  Custom           select count(*) from ca_software_def where source_type_id = 2

    Replicate down only, if a signature was created at the Domain, then you need to use Content Utility to move that to the Enterprise.


C. Heuristic         select count(*) from ca_software_def where source_type_id = 3

These signature are supposed to be replicated when the Replication a new Heuristic Software, it replicates it's signature.


Sometimes the Domain Manager thinks a Heuristic signature has been replicated, but signatures never made it to the Enterprise  

        Running the following Query forces all heuristic signatures to be re-replicated:

             use mdb   delete from  ca_link_sw_domain_enterprise


You should run a Full backup before starting; if you are uncomfortable running any commands, contact support.