What could be the cause of one Sysview for DB2 for z/OS (IDB2) User getting kicked out of IDB2, and back to ISPF, without any indication of a problem when selecting view active threads (option 5)?

Document ID : KB000008924
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have upgraded Sysview for DB2 for z/OS (IDB2) to the new release.  Currently, all users are able to use all functions within IDB2 except for one User who is unable to perform View Active Threads (Option 5).  This one User gets kicked out of IDB2 (back to ISPF main menu) when selecting option 5 to View Active Threads.  This User can perform all other functions in IDB2 except for viewing active threads.


The cause of this problem lies within the IDB2 Vsam Profile Dataset.  It is unknown how the record associated with the impacted UserID in the Vsam Profile Dataset got corrupted, but this is causing the problem.


The correction to this problem is to either create a brand new Vsam Profile Dataset or to use a product that can edit the Vsam Profile Dataset like File Master, and delete the row associated with the impacted UserID.

Additional Information:

The IDB2 Vsam Profile Dataset is allocated in the INSIGHT Clist.  Also, in the IDB2 .SOURCE library the member IDVSAMSY can be used to allocate a new Profile Dataset.