What CICS Global User Exits does CA InterTest for CICS use and how can I verify they are started?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When CA InterTest for CICS is started it starts its global user exits in CICS. How can I display the global user exits that are started?


CA InterTest for CICS uses five CICS global user exits to provide it's functionally. In addition to the CA InterTest for CICS exits other vendor software packages and user applications also use these exits.

CA InterTest for CICS global user exits honor the return codes set by previous exits, which may have an impact on whether CA InterTest for CICS successfully monitors a program. If you are having problems caused by other CICS global user exits setting a return code before CA InterTest for CICS exit receives control, you should guarantee that the CA InterTest for CICS exit is first to receive control by adding the program entry IN25PLTX to the CICS startup PLT. IN25PLTX is required as the first program entry in Phase 1 prior to the CICS DFHDELIM entry.

CA InterTest for CICS uses five global user exits.

Required for the CNTL=START and CNTL=END commands to operate CA-InterTest for CICS and control monitoring.

Required for dump suppression.

Required for suppression of abend messages.

Optional used to keep track of the last SQL call issued by an application program. This option is started by default and is controlled by the CA InterTest for CICS option

XRMIO=. This option provides the last SQL call to the applications programmer for the CORE=SQLCA and CORE=LASTSQL commands, but there is overhead associated with the use of the XRMIOUT exit that all shops may not want to incur.

Below is an example of the CA InterTest for CICS global user exits which were loaded when CA InterTest for CICS was Initialized at CICS PLT time. You can display the global user exits by using the IGLU transaction.


                   CICS GLOBAL USER EXIT LIST 


    XDUREQ      IN25HOOK    IN25XDUR     80066EA8    STARTED

    XMEOUT      IN25HOOK    IN25XMEO     80066EA8    STARTED

    XPCFTCH     IN25HOOK    IN25XPCF     80066EA8    STARTED

    XPCTA       IN25HOOK    IN25XPCT     80066EA8    STARTED 

    XRMIOUT     IN25RMIO    IN25RMIO     AF529728    STARTED


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Please see the CA Intertest for CICS r 9.1 install guide for further information.