What Causes a CA Deliver RMOSTC Task RMOSTC39 (U0039) Error, and What Can be Done to Resolve the Condition?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What causes a CA Deliver RMOSTC Task RMOSTC39 (U0039) error, and what can be done to resolve the condition?


In most cases, the RMOSTC39 (U0039) error and abend are caused by a bad dataset being passed to CA Deliver by JES.

Generally, a final call was not made to clean up and free all storage that was allocated during the capture and archival of the report. 


To address the condition, please do the following:

 . Determine what sysout is causing the problem and either put the sysout on hold or purge it from the spool. 

 . Specify REGION=256M in the RMOSTC task.

 . Issue "/S RMOSTC,PARM=OFF" to start the task and take out the hooks.

 . Issue "/S RMOSTC" to start the task, after the task has come down from the above.