What "Cannot find string for id: xxxx in shared memory" in stdlog means?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sometimes after Service Desk Manager upgrade or patch installation or customization, administrators could see repeated

message like this in stdlog:

SIGNIFICANT i18nMsg.c 324 Cannot find string for id: xxxx in shared memory. Falling back to pdm.dll/message catalog

where xxxx is an integer id number and with various values,

and want to know it means and what need to be done to get rid of them. This tech doc explains what it means and how to fix it.


What "Cannot find string for id: xxxx in shared memory" in stdlog means?

USRD/CMDB 11.x, 12.x and 14.1, windows, Unix/Linux

This message means SDM has corrupted shared memory files. For performance reason, SDM uses shared memory files in SDM-install-root\site\shm

folder and if these files are out of sync due to some new pdm.dll or message catalog, SDM will generate this kind of messages in stdlog. So, in order

to fix these messages, follow these steps

1. Shutdown SDM

2. On the server where these messages are seen, move all files in SDM-install-root\site\shm to other location so now SDM-install-root\site\shm is


3. Start SDM

4. Check stdlog to make sure those messages don't show up anymore

Additional Information:

If after these steps, those messages still show, then you would need to 1. shutdown SDM 2. empty SDM-install-root\site\shm 3. reboot the server 4. start

SDM 5. check stdlog