What can cause RUNTIME ERROR 4083 in VISION:Results?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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IBM documents the U4083 (X'FF3') as follows:

Explanation: The back chain was found in error. The reason code issued with this abend indicates what is invalid about the save-area that caused the abend

Programmer response: For applications involving assembler routines that generate their own save areas, ensure the save areas are correctly back-chained together and conform to LE/VSE. For other applications, either: v A storage overlay problem might have occurred. v An unhandled condition might have occurred which caused an invalid save-area to be found on the active STACK save-area chain.

From this we know the problem is that the VISION:Results application invoked an external routine that needs an LE environment, but that environment has not been established. If VISION:Results is not set up for LE, communication breaks down and more meaningful messages do not percolate to the listing.

At the application level, add the parameter LE to the OPTION statement.

To set LE for the entire site, specify LE=Y in the DYLINSTL parameter customizations in the CUSTMJCL.D member.

If this does not resolve the problem, add CDLOAD to the OPTION statement or specify CDLOAD=Y in the DYLINSTL parameter customizations in the CUSTMJCL.D member. The reason for this is that by default, CDLOAD is set to N and external phases are loaded within the VISION:Results phase by the LOAD macro. This may introduce compatibility problems. Using the CDLOAD macro causes the external phase to be loaded into its own storage area within the partition, ensuring LE compatibility.