What can cause error Status 0068 in a CICS program or in UCFCICS?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A user written CICS program accessing IDMS fails with an error status of 0068 on a BIND RUN-UNIT statement. This could also occur in the UCFCICS module.

What can cause this error?



The possible causes for this error are:

  • IDMSINTC has not been started. IDMSINTC is normally added to the CICS PLT so it will be executed automatically during CICS startup.
  • The value specified for CWADISP in the CICSOPT options module for IDMSINTC is in use by another application. The CWA location specified by CWADISP contains the address of IDMSINTC. If another application uses the same location it will overwrite that address. The CWA displacement specified in CICSOPT must be reserved for the exclusive use of IDMS.
  • The value specified for CWADISP in the IDMSCINT module linked with the application does not match the value specified for CWADISP in IDMSINTC. If you have multiple CICS interfaces, each with different CWADISP values you may have linked the wrong IDMSCINT module with the application.


Additional Information:

System Operations Guide section Standard CICS Interface