What CA Fast Unload option must be specified for history rows to be written to the utilities history table: PTI.PTGL500_HISTORY?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What option must be specified to instruct the CA Fast Unload for DB2 for z/OS (PFU) utility to write history records to the history table?



PFU-HISTORY — Generate a Record in the History Table 

The PFU-HISTORY keyword specifies whether to generate a record in the utility history table. This table contains execution 
information for the CA utilities, such as the utility name, job number, user ID, affected databases and tablespaces, and 
when the job started and stopped. One row is inserted into the table for each SELECT statement that is processed. 

** Note: This keyword is specified only in hlq.CDBAPARM(PFU), not in the SYSIN syntax. 

This keyword has the following format: 


Does not generate a history record. This setting is the default. 

Generates a history record. If you specify UTIL, you can also specify the following options: 

Inserts a row in the history table for each SELECT statement and ignores the return code. This is the default. 

Suppresses writes to the history table when the return code from the SELECT statement is greater than the value specified for nn 
(a one or two-digit number). For example, if you specify RC=3, rows are not inserted into the history table for SELECT statements with 
errors of 4 or higher. 

Limits: 0 - 99