What are valid values for the "audit" key in robot.cfg?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Question:??When enabling the 'audit' functionality in the Nimsoft Controller, a configuration key called "audit" with a value of "6" gets inserted into the robot.cfg file. ?What does "6" indicate and what are other valid values for this key?

Answer:?This key has several valid values, which are constructed by adding "base" values together.

Valid values for the "audit" key are as follows:

"6" - enable auditing and send the messages to the message bus with subject AUDIT
"5" - enable auditing but save the messages to a file called "audit.txt" in the Nimsoft\Robot directory.
"7" - enable auditing and send the messages to the message bus as well as saving them to the file.
"8" - enable auditing only if this robot's hub has "audit=robot" in its hub.cfg.

These values (other than 8) are arrived at by adding certain "base values" together - these can be thought of as "switches" that enable certain functionality.

The base values are:

1 - Audit to a file only. ?This causes the robot to save audit activity to a file called audit.txt in the Nimsoft\Robot directory.

2 - Audit messages should be sent to the message bus with subject AUDIT

4 - enable auditing.

So, for example, a value of "6" therefore means "4+2" are both enabled (since 4+2=6.) ? ?
Note that if you set the value of "audit" to 1, 2, or 4, this will have no effect - the first two values (file vs. message bus auditing) must be "combined" with the "enable auditing" flag.

A value of "8" is a special value which tells the robot to defer to the hub setting for audit.

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