what are .tmp files starting with ToroZipper-INPUT-TEMP under /ca/dc/CAMM/Queue/queue-PRESENTER_CAPM_CIBC/conduct folder

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Last Modified Date : 05/10/2018
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.tmp files starting with ToroZipper-INPUT-TEMP under /ca/dc/CAMM/Queue/queue-PRESENTER_CAPM_CIBC/conduct folder
are filling the drive and exhausting the inodes
CA Mediation Manager 3.x
If the ENGINE (Device Pack) is working correctly then you should see that the Engine produces data into the $CAMM_HOME/queue-PRESENTER_CAMM   directory
This data is waiting for the delivery service to read it (period and frequency is determined by the localconfig-ds.xml)
The delivery services keeps scanning the files in the ˜/Queue/queue-<presenter-id>/queue directory.
It tries to deliver those files to the presenter during that part files are moved to ˜/Queue/queue-<presenter-id>/conduct directory.
If it fails to deliver, then those files are moved from conduct to ˜/Queue/queue-<presenter-id>/waiting directory.
The Presenter was mis-named.
renamed the presenter and restarted the service.