What are the values for introscope.enterprisemanager.transactiontrace.filter.types?

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Last Modified Date : 15/10/2018
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 In APM 10.1 and later, a new feature was added -- Transaction Trace EM AppMap plugin. This allows appmap data to be derived from transaction traces

This knowledge document talks about how to set the type of transaction trace to be generated.


   I want to know what are possible values for introscope.enterprisemanager.transactiontrace.filter.types? I found a comma-separated example

  # Comma separated list of TT types to be matched, TTs of all other types will not be considered for processing
  # to generate AppMap artefacts.


APM 10.1 through APM 10.5 when introscope.apm.appmap.legacy.data.source = false is set (To use transaction tracing instead of legacy tracers.) This property is removed in APM 10.7

  There are six possible values:

  -  Normal  -- A traced transaction that was caught by the transaction tracer.

  -  Sampled -- A traced transaction that was sampled by the agent automatically.

  -  ErrorSnapshot -- An error snapshot as discovered by ErrorDetector.

  -  LeakHunterSnapshot -- A potential leak event collected by LeakHunter.

   - LeakHunterStackSnapshot  -- A stack snapshot collected by LeakHunter.

   - Stall -- A transaction that has begun execution but has stalled.

   - WhatsInteresting -- An event describing in simple language an interesting behavior in the system as discovered by one of the analytical heuristics in Introscope.

   - BundledTrace  -- Transaction trace that records only boundary components in its stack. Used for feeding the dependency map   

   - Property Change -- Event for Agent Property Change


Additional Information:

  How to Enable/Disable the EM Transaction Trace (TT) Plugin  https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/How-to-EnableDisable-the-EM-Transaction-Trace-TT-Plugin/KB000016002