What are the (unknown) steps under Execution Step Events in the Inspection View, Request Event Details?

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Last Modified Date : 03/07/2018
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What are the (unknown) steps under Execution Step Events in the Inspection View, Request Event Details?

All supported DevTest releases.

The '(unknown)' steps can happen for three reasons:

. The value for the request event buffer size is low for the number of events being generated.

There is a property that controls how many inbound VSE requests for which a full set of DevTest events is buffered.  The default value is 50.



If we increase this property value – with caution, we will be able to get the whole list of steps executed. You can increase it from 50 to 200.

To change this property value, add it to the local.properties file as below and restart the VSE Service:


The number of events being generated depends on the logging level set to the VSE. If set to the DEBUG it will generate too many events and the value of 200 might be insufficient.


. An additional step was added to the VSM and is set to "Quiet".


To uncheck this option open the VSM in the Workstation and uncheck the Quiet option. Redeploy the Virtual Service to the VSE and send a new transaction to it.


. There is additional logging event being created that is not associated with any VSM step.

When the property log4j.logger.VSE in the logging.properties file is set to INFO or DEBUG, the VSE keeps the logging of lots of events to help with debugging. It can happen that events are being logged and are not associated with a VSM step itself, but with events being performed in the background during the VSM playback.

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