What are the symptoms that usually indicate an eHealth server is running out of disk space?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following is a list of symptoms or situations that usually indicate an eHealth application may or will be run out disk space soon.

  1. Disk usage is reaching 90% on any partitions, and free space in the Oracle home and eHealth home partitions each is less than 5G.
  2. Errors noting that eHealth is unable to add elements in system.log, or the eHealth console indicates that Oracle datafiles could not be extended due to either full disk or a datafile reaching maximum size of 32G. This symptom mainly occurs for datafiles in NH_DATA01 and NH_INDEX tablespaces. Sometimes, this symptom can occur when the tmp or rollback datafiles are approaching 30G in size.
  3. Statistics rollup had been failing for several weeks or months.
  4. ArchiveLogs directory has filled up due to deleteArchive log job failure or due to the generation of many redo log files in a short time range. A typical situation we have seen is that one or more redo log files are generated within one minute.
  5. Other symptoms, in addition to those mentioned above, occur less frequently and include generation of a huge amount of oracle trace files and generation of large core dump files. Also, availability backfill can sometimes use all space allocated for $NH_HOME.