What are the steps involved in replicating an existing ServiceDesk installation to a new server where MDB is on SQL Server?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document describes the steps required to copy an existing Service Desk installation to a new server. This procedure can be followed for copy of the Production environment for QA and or Development.



Copy the tables from one environment to another in order to let them equalized for testing.



• CA Service Desk Manager 12x - 14.1

The steps were verified for SQL 2005 or above.



1. Steps for SDM 12.x

Steps to be performed on the existing (Source) server:

  1. In the command prompt run the command pdm_extract wspcol>wspcol.dat to extract the custom column's data added through web screen painter.
  2. In the command prompt run the command pdm_extract wsptbl>wsptbl.dat to extract the custom tables data added through web screen painter.
  3. Copy the mods folder present under $NX_ROOT\Site folder
  4. Take a SQL backup of the MDB database.
  5. Move the wspcol.dat, wsptbl.dat, MDB backup file, mods folder to the new (destination) server.

Steps to be performed on the new (destination) server:

  1. Install ServiceDesk R12.x
  2. Run pdm_configure
  3. Open command prompt, navigate to the location of wspcol and wsptbl files and run the following commands
  4. pdm_userload -v -f wspcol.dat
  5. pdm_userload -v -f wsptbl.dat
  6. Login to Web Screen Painter, click on Tools->Schema Designer.
  7. Make a minor change to the schema to create the wspschema.sch, altertbl, altercol etc files which will be populated with the data from the tables wspcol and wsptbl present in MDB.

    Ex: Make a field required in a table (Category required on Call_Req etc)
  8. Click on File->Save and Publish. Click on Yes to the prompts.
  9. Stop ServiceDesk Daemon Server service.
  10. In the command prompt run pdm_publish
  11. All the custom table and column values are published to the schema.
  12. Rename the mod folder present under $NX_ROOT to mods.orig or copy it to a different drive.
  13. Copy the mods folder from the Source server to $NX_ROOT\site folder.
  14. Open SQL Server Management Studio, right click on Databases->Restore Database
  15. In the Restore Database screen, select From Device option and click on the button at the end of the field.
  16. In the Specify Backup screen select File as the Backup media and click on Add.
  17. Select the MDB backup file which was copied from the Source server.
  18. Click on Restore to restore the MDB. The restore would complete without errors if the SQL server installation location is same on both the servers.
  19. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and login as SA.
  20. Run the following command

    Exec sp_change_users_login 'AUTO_FIX', 'ServiceDesk'

    Note: Change the privileged user name if it is different in your environment.
  21. Run Service Desk Configuration.
  22. On the database screen of the configuration, a warning pops up with message like " This database has been previously used by another machine ......." Click on Yes.
  23. The procedure is complete with successful completion of configuration.


2. Steps for SDM 14.x

SDM release 14.1.02 has already incorporated the Promotion utility.

The following link contains the steps to use it:

CA SDM Environment Promotion