What are the requirements to use the CAUNZIP utility?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You are trying to use the CAUNZIP utility but you are facing issues.

You are using CA Common Services R14.00 E100AS900.

You think you need to install PTF RO54887 but when you try to install it, you get ++VER error messages.

You want to know what is needed in order to get the CAUNZIP utility.



What are the requirements for CA Common Services R14.1 to use the CAUNZIP utility?



CA COMMON SERVICES 14.1 - z/OS supported releases -

Here are the requirements to use the CAUNZIP utility:

1. Check that the following PTF is applied based on your version of CA Common Services:

For CA Common Services Release 14.0: you need PTF RO54887

For CA Common Services Release 14.1: you need  PTF RO58216

2. The user executing the utility needs an OMVS segment.

3. Read/write access to the z/OS Unix Systems Services (USS) directory.
The directory can reside in a zFS, HFS, or TFS file system. Network File Systems (NFS) are not supported.
The file system must be allocated with approximately 4.5 times the space of the zip file being processed.
Each 3390 track is the equivalent of 56 KB. The actual size that is required varies, depending on the content
of the order.

4. IBM Java SDK for z/OS, Version 5 or higher (31 bit and 64 bit are both supported).

5. A minimum REGION size of 128 MB. We recommend REGION=0M.

6. The IBM REXX LPA data set, REXX.SEAGLPA, must be in the system LPALSTxx ‘SYS1.PARMLIB’ member and
be included with the last IPL. If the REXX.SEAGLPA data set is not available on the system, you can alternatively add
the REXX alternative library, REXX.SEAGALT, to the system linklist.



Additional Information:

You can check CA Common Services documentation at the url: