What are the possible GL Allocation Exceptions?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What are the possible GL Allocation Exception Messages shown in the Administration, Chargebacks, Messages page? 


  1. 'Resource credit match not found' or 'No Matching Credit Rule found': 
    Resource credit means which GL accounts receive credit for work done.
    This exception means that there is no matching Resource Credit setup. Check in Administration, Chargebacks, Credit Rules list page, if there is an active allocation for the resource(s) is set. Those accounts are credited when the entity, location, department, transaction class, resource class, and date range of a ' resource credit ' best match the same fields on a chargeable transaction, which is created from a time entry or a voucher.
  2. Resource credit is on hold:
    This exception means there is a matching "Resource Credit" but is not active. Check in Administration, Chargebacks, Credit Rules list page, and change the status from On Hold to Active.
  3. Debits do not equal credits:  
    This exception means the total Credit amount doesn't match the total debit amount for the transaction. In this case, check if the allocation percentage for the Resource Credit and the Charge To rule are set to 100%.
  4. Charge To allocation rule not found:
    "Charge to " is the GL account receiving the allocation, the one that has to pay, or is debited, a " sponsor ".
    This exception means that an active project allocation is not set up. The allocation set up may vary depending on whether a project level or task level wip class is used. If the transaction is with project level wip class then check if an active allocation is setup in the Project > GL Allocations page. If the transaction is with task level wip class, then an active allocation must be defined for the charge code assigned to the task ( Admin > Project Management > Charge code).
  5. Charge To allocation rule on hold / Charge To allocation rule is inactive:
    Make sure the Charge To GL allocation rule that is set at Project / task level is 'Active'.
  6. No Chargeback Type set on investment: 
    Navigate to the Investment, Chargebacks tab, Options and set the configuration to use 'Standard' or 'Investment' Debit Rules