What are the new features of Endevor 16.0?

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When upgrading CA Endevor customers can jump one or several versions.

This document gives the list of the New Features and Enhancements for R16.0 and provide the release information guide for further explanations.


What are the new features and enhancements of Endevor R16.0? 


CA SCM for Mainframe R16.0 introduces enhancements, as well as additional features. A brief description of each new feature and enhancement appears next. Further details are provided in the individual guides that make up the documentation set.

The complete Release Notes guide is available here:  EndevorSCM_ReleaseNotes_ENU.pdf

The following major enhancements are included in R16.0:

? Customization table changes

- Several changes appear in the optional features table (ENCOPTBL).

Best Practices Implementation

The goal of this feature is to make CA Endevor SCM immediately usable "out of the box". This method of implementing the product automates the process of allocating and customizing all the files that enable you to use the product. The implementation defines a best practices lifecycle for active software development. After you complete the process, you will be ready to load your source code and start using the product.

Customization Tables Changed After Version 15.1

Look for the table available in the release guide, it identifies the customization tables that were changed after Release 15.1, including any changes that are being introduced in Version 16.0.

Package Ship Enhancements

This product release introduces enhancements to the Package Ship feature:

- USS Package Ship support is added for batch administration of USS supported files.

- Ship Asis feature allows to ship outputs and backout members according to the element action backout status of the package.

- Post-ship script execution to conditionally execute customer-written job steps (a script) at the remote destination.

Web Services STC Pool Enhancements

This release introduces STC pool enhancements to the Web Services component STC pool And Viewable configuration file.

Get<Object> Operation

Web Services supports various get<Object> services that extract information in the form of an object. Information can be acquired from the Master Control File, Package File, or repository objects. The get<Object> service is based on CSV LIST requests and makes use of a native SOAP facility for creating objects to send and decoding the CSV output that is returned.

Concurrent Action Processing of Type Categories

The Concurrent Action Processing (CAP) feature can now process multiple Types concurrently. This enhancement improves processing speed for CAP.

Preserve VB Record Length in CA Endevor Quick Edit

The Preserve VB record length option is added to the CA Endevor Quick-Edit Option panel.

Autogen Action Option Enhancements

This product release introduces enhancements to the Autogen action option feature, Autogen Span option, Autogen using Copyback and Autogen in Simulation Mode.

Version/Level Format Standardized to VVLL

All references in the product to VV.LL have been changed to VVLL, with the exception of the API, CSV, and Exit blocks.

CA Endevor Endevor Eclipse-Based UI Enhancements

The Eclipse-Based UI is enhanced to provide support for all element actions. With the exception of packages and parallel development, all the functions supported on the CA Endevor Quick Edit panel are supported, including browse and filtering.

CA Endevor SCM Target Symbols

You can use new target symbols in your processors for the target location of Move or Transfer actions made using the Move or Generate processor. All of these symbols begin with &C1T.

Substringing of Symbolic Variables for Long Name Files

The processing of the substring option when used with the symbolic variables (symbols) for long file names has changed. For more information about how to use substringing, see Substringing in the Extended Processors Guide.

CA Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment Enhancements

This product release introduces usability and performance enhancements to the CA Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment option, such as:

- The support of mixed case passwords,

- The ability to control the number of Add and Retrieve actions per batch job.

- The ability to change the initial default values of certain Action Options.

- The modification of the Batch Retrieve process to allow the CA Endevor SCM Return Code to be set to a 12 when REPLACE=NO is specified in the Retrieve action and the Natural object already exists in the target Natural library.

- The ability to view the entire 1792 column source record of a Predict element.

- The increase in the maximum number of FUSER/FDIC site symbolic combinations from 50 to 99.

- The change in where the USER= and PASSWORD= parameters are included in the job card. The USER= and PASSWORD= parameters are now inserted after the first job card read-in occurs.

- The allowance for different DBID, FUSER and FDIC files to be specified in a Foreground Add action of Natural and Predict objects when using the SYSOBJH option in the +EINE-SYSTRANS-SYSOBJH UEXIT00 variable


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