What are the differences between VPN, EVPN, and MPLS Manager?

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Last Modified Date : 15/06/2018
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CA Spectrum supports MPLS VPN, EVPN, and MPLS.  
What info can you provide outlining the differences between these services in regards to which one I should use?
MPLS VPN Manager discovers all of the Provider Edge (PE) routers and interfaces that are forwarding traffic for a particular VPN.  If you are a service provider and want to manage your edge routers, use the VPN Manager.

The MPLS VPN Manager supports:
Cisco's – MPLS Virtual Private Networks MIB (MPLS-VPN-MIB). Cisco's MPLS-VPN-MIB is based on Draft 3 of the IETF draft MPLS/BGP VPN MIB.
Juniper’s – Juniper Enterprise VPN MIB; and partially supports Draft 4 of the IETF MPLS/BGP VPN MIB.
And devices supporting the MPLS-L3VPN-STD-MIB (RFC4382)
MPLS VPN Provider Edge

Enterprise VPN Manager is for provider-provisioned VPN (customer edge) monitoring.  If you are a customer of VPN services, you will want to use EVPN Manager.
Supported by devices runningthe BGP mib (rfc4273)
MPLS EVPN Customer Edge

MPLS Transport Manager is intended for TE MPLS environments only!  Transport Manager is used to monitor the internal health of your core network.
MPLS-TE MIB (Cisco devices)
Juniper TE MIB (Juniper devices)
TIMETRA-MPLS-MIB (Alcatel  devices)

MPLS Transport Manager Service Provider View

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