what are the configuration steps needed to allow Agent or Scalability to Domain Manager Communication through NAT firewall ?

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In geographically disparate enterprise environments is is often necessary to configure CA Client Automation components to communicate through Natted firewalls

which by default will not work properly as cam needs to be able to resolve the proper hostname of the targets to tries to communicate with.

Agents behind a NAT cannot communicate with the Domain Manager/Scalability Server. How can I configure this to work?



This document details the steps to determine the correct IP address to bind cam to which allows it to communicate with the proper network target.



All supported Windows and UNIX based platforms 



Following is the procedure to configure agents to communicate through a 'NAT' to a Domain Manager (DM) or a Scalability Server (SS):

  1. Record the actual IP address of the agent. (IPCONFIG)

  2. Record the IP address returned by while pinging the agent from the Domain Manager/Scalability Server it reports to.

  3. Browse to %cai_msq% on the DM/SS and verify whether CAM.CFG exists. If it does not exist, run "'camsave persist" to generate one.

  4. Open CAM.CFG using notepad.

  5. In the 'Routing' section, add an entry as follows and save the file:

    forward <IP seen by DM/SS> <Real IP of agent>

  6. Open a CMD prompt run CAMCLOSE, CAM will shut down and restart automatically.

  7. Try CAMPING the DM/SS IP address from the agent.

    Syntax: CAMPING <Real IP Address of Agent>

If it still does not reply, do the following:

FROM AGENT: (Perform CAMSTAT and ensure that the name or IP address is listed)
camq -c -d -n <Hostname of the DM/SS> (or IP, whichever is listed under HOSTS when running CAMSTAT on that box)

Repeat this until the message 'no such cam queue' is returned.

Perform the same as above but using the agent info as outlined above.Try CAMPING in both directions to ensure that there is communication between the DM/SS and the Agent.


Steps to verify proper communication:

You can now register the agent to the Domain Manager/Scalability Server using the following command:

Caf setserveraddress <IP address or Hostname of Domain Manager or Scalability Server>

You should see a return like this:

CA DSM r12 Common Application Framework

Copyright (c) 2014 CA Technologies. All rights reserved.


Caf currently registers with the scalability server at <%SERVERNAME%>.

Connecting to <%SERVERNAME%> to ask if a server is present...

The scalability server at<%SERVERNAME%> is running ok.

Caf's server is now set to <%SERVERNAME%>. 

Caf is registering with the new server.